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Organise your trade with

virtual client management

LogistiQ is an appointment booking 
and virtual logistics management app

Easier, safer and more comfortable supplier management
which can increase the efficiency of you and your suppliers.


Save money and time 
on the fast and smooth service.


Avoid unexpected and stressful situation
with the transparent trade of trucks and goods.


Schedule your supply easily and avoid 
regular or occasional congestions.


Our advantages

For logistic centers

 Plannable trade

Higher efficiency ratio

Stress-free service

Reliable process 

For transporters

Decreased waiting time

Fixed appointments

Timesaving service

Easy administration

LogistiQ is a product family containing three subsystems


Booking platform 

Choose date and time online, and modify or delete your appointments on the supplier booking platform. 
Fill in the forms with all the required informations of your supply and attach your delivery note.
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Check-in platform

Permit driving in to the premise for registered vehicles, register new carrieges and manage driving outs with the help of the gatekeeper platform. 

Simple Desk

Administrating platform

Follow the data of incoming vehicles on the administrator platform, where you can easily register the status of the vehicles.


Reach a new level 
of logistics.

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Thank you!


Feel free to call us  +36 70 455 0001

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